Types of Garden Tools And Their Uses | The Royal Hunters

Types of Garden Tools And Their Uses | The Royal Hunters

what can you expect from this article?

From this article, you can get information about which tools do farmers and gardeners to use to maintain their farm or garden, And how these tools are used.

Digging Shovel

Shovel | The Royal Hunters
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

The shovel is used for making the soil loose and for digging the soil, it is also used for lifting the coal and soil.

The shovel is very strong because the handle of the shovel is made of wood and the blade is made of steel which makes the shovel strong. 

The top part of the blade which is near to the wooden handle is known as a step on which you can put your foot and apply the presser with a foot shovel that will go inside the soil, this makes the work easier.

Hand Trowel

Hand Trowel | The Royal Hunters
Image by Tio_Tono from Pixabay 

A hand trowel is the hand Tool used for digging the earth for planting the seed, plants or removing the weed from the garden, or smoothing the plastered surface.
 There are various types of trowel and they are used for different purposes. Some of the types are Pointing Trowel, Corner Trowel, Plastering Trowel, etc… 
Generally, Pointing Trowel is used for Agriculture purposes & plastering Trowel is used for smoothing the surface of the plastered wall or plastered surface.
Most of the Hand Trowel comes with wooden handles and after long use, they can crack. The Hand Trowel is used for various purposes so their blades are quite very sharp.
 Due to the sharp blade keep the Hand Trowel away from the children. So when the Hand Trowel is not in use, I would suggest that hanging the Trowel is the best way to keep away from children.

Hand Pruners

Hand Pruner | The Royal Hunters
Image by Arturs Budkevics from Pixabay 

Secateurs or the Pruners is the other name of the Hand pruners or the Pruning Shears, This is basically another type of scissors, But they are strong enough to cut the Branches of the Herbs, flowers, or any plant.

Hand Pruner is mainly used for garden and farming purposes. Hand Pruner helps in maintaining good health and increases the growth of plants.

Mainly gardeners and farmers use the pruner when the trees and plants start overgrowing or for improving the appearance of the plant or to cut down the dead branches of the plants because The dead branches of the plants attract unwanted insects.

Due to the attraction insects come to the dead branches and start eating the dead branches of the plant, along with the dead branches they also eat other branches which are alive. Due to this the framers and the gardener cut down the dead branches of the plant.

You should take proper care of hand pruners by sharpening the blades of the hand pruners. You can sharpen the blades with Whetstone. After each use, you should Dry and oil and keep sharpening your blades regularly for clean and proper cuts.

Another way to maintain the pruners is to store them properly, When the pruners are not in use you should keep them in the cover to avoid injuries.

With proper maintenance, you can increase the life of the Hand pruners.

Garden Gloves

Garden Gloves | The Royal Hunters
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Gloves protect you from the cut and injuries, They also protect your hand from UV radiation. You can prevent allergies By wearing gloves.

 I know you will say How gloves protect us from allergies?

When you touch the fertilizer and pesticides the chemical touches your skin, By touching again and again this may cause allergies. Instead, if you have worn the gloves you may easily save yourself from allergies.

Gloves keep your hand clean and dirt-free. There are various types of gloves available in the market for various purposes some of them are mentioned here are: leather gloves and cotton gloves etc…


Rake | The Royal Hunters
Image by Daniel Kirsch from Pixabay

The Teeth of the rake is also known as Tines, It is the tool used in farms and in gardens as well. 

Rake is used for loosening the soil and collecting the fallen leaves, dry grass, and removing the weeds. Rake is also used in removing the stones and breaking the soil clumps.

This tool is very useful for leveling the soil at the time of planting or at the time of sowing the seeds, It is also used for making the row in the farm and garden for proper spacing so that the seeds or the plants can grow properly.

Generally, rakes come in various sizes and in various shapes, the Metal rake is a little bit expensive than a plastic rake, but the metal rake is used for heavy work and it is heavy than the plastic rake, while the plastic rake is less expensive than the metal rake and less heavy as compared to metal rake. 

The plastic rake is generally used for collecting the leaves and dry grass but you cannot use the plastic for leveling the soil or breaking the soil clumps.


Hoe | The Royal Hunters
Image by Thomas G. from Pixabay 

Hoe is an agricultural hand tool, used to pill the soil, remove the weeds, and used to give shape to the soil, you can also dig a hole with the help of Hoe. It is also used for harvesting.

There are various types of Hoe for various uses. Generally, there are two types of hoes: Scuffle hoes and draw hoe, scuffle hoe is used for aerating the soil while draw hoe is used to move the soil and give the shape to the soil.


Wheelbarrow | The Royal Hunters
Image by AlkeMade from Pixabay

The wheelbarrow is a small vehicle with one wheel, it is specially designed to be guided by one person. The wheelbarrow is designed to distribute equal weight between the wheel and the person who is guiding the wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrows come with different containing capacities, there are two types of wheelbarrow plastic wheelbarrow and metal wheelbarrow. 

The plastic wheelbarrow is lighter in weight as compared to the metal wheelbarrow. Metal wheelbarrows last for longer as compared to plastic wheelbarrows. 

Plastic wheelbarrows can not lift heavy items as compared to metal wheelbarrows. Metal wheelbarrows are made for heavy work, most people use metal wheelbarrows.


weeder | The Royal Hunters
Image by Couleur from Pixabay 

Weeder is used by the farmer and gardeners, weeder is a hand tool that is used to remove the weeds from the farm and gardens.

 Weeders are specially designed to remove Weeds because weeds absorb nutrients from the soil and decrease the growth of vegetables, fruits, or whatever you have planted in your farm or garden, so it is very important to remove weeds.

There are many different tools that are used for gardening and farming both we will cover other tools in the next article.

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