Types of Garden | The Royal Hunters

Types of Garden | The Royal Hunters

If you are just planning to start the garden and you are searching for which type of garden you should grow. So read this article till the end and let us know in the comment below which type of garden you like and which one is suitable to you from the given below.

Flower Garden

Flower Garden | The Royal Hunters
Image by Mircea Ploscar from Pixabay 

For any plant’s sunlight is very important, almost every plant need 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. If the plants get less sunlight the plant may produce more leaves but it will not produce the flowers.

Another important thing is that good soil play’s a very important role in the growth of flowers. Flowers are of two types: Annuals flowers and perennials flowers.

Perennials: Perennials are flowers that bloom for a month or a few weeks in a year depending upon their species. Flower plants that are above the soil may die But The roots of the perennial flowers stay alive for many years.

This may take more than a year to grow fully. The labor cost of the perennials is very less because they bloom for a few weeks in a year, Due to this, the consumption of nutrients, fertilizer, sunlight’s and water is less so the cost of labor is very less.

Annuals: Annuals are the flowers that stay green in all seasons. From coming out of the seeds, growing their roots and the leaves, producing their flowers, making their seed’s and at last, dying this whole cycle is followed by annuals in one season. this takes few weeks to grow fully and bloom.

The labor cost of Annuals is more because annuals give flowers the whole year and stay green for all the seasons. Due to this, the consumption of nutrients, fertilizer, sunlight, and water is more this the labor cost increases.

Herb Garden

Herb Garden | The Royal Hunters

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Herbs are Fast-growing plants. They need 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. They can be grown with fewer fertilizers.

They can be grown in any Shape & Size, They can be grown in a small container and can be kept on the windowsill or can be grown in a full yard depending on you How you want to grow the Herb Garden.

Herb gardens are beautiful and relaxing places. They are not just plants for showcase But they contain values in themselves like they are used medicinal, for soothing your soul, for flavoring your food, or for the fragrance, etc….

Herbs can be grown nicely and easily anywhere in their respective seasons.

Water Garden

Water Garden - The Royal Hunters
Image by Jaesung An from Pixabay 

An aquatic garden is also known as a water garden. It can be any depth and size, which depends upon you.

The general depth of the Water Garden is 50 cm(20 inches).

This is because most of the water plants require a specific depth in order to grow properly. This type of water plant is depth-sensitive.

Kitchen Garden

The kitchen garden is also Known as kailyard in Scotland and potager, The vegetables that are grown in the kitchen garden are 100% organic with the best quality and rich in nutrition, the kitchen garden is the source for the fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

All the things that are grown in the kitchen garden are used for the kitchen, Due to this reduces your expenditure of purchase the vegetables and fruits from the market

Once this becomes the hobby, This reduces the stress because this fun activity, gardening is the fun activity But with fun gardening keeps you healthy and feat. 

An average American person wastes more 600$ in food in a year. If you grow vegetables in your garden you will probably get to know how much effort you have to do to grow a vegetable.

And due to this, you will get to know the real value of food. So due to this, there will be less waste of vegetables and fruits.

Rock Garden

Rock Garden The Royal Hunters
Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay 

The other name of the rock garden is Rockery and Alpine Garden. In a rock garden, the different sizes and shapes of the rock are arranged in a small portion of the ground or place.

People believed that the concept of rock gardens was introduced in the 17th century by Japan and China.

By listening to the Rock garden you might think of different types of rock’s But it also contains plants.

Once you have finalized the design you must recheck again because moving the rocks takes a lot of effort and once you have arranged the rocks as per your plan and if any other design comes in your mind and you want to change the position of the rock again let me tell you it takes a lot of effort. 

One Good thing about Rock garden is that after arranging the Rock’s in the garden, It requires low maintenance. You can create a wonderful contrast between flowers and Rocks by using the different types of shapes and sizes of Rocks. After all the efforts are made, just enjoy.

Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden - The Royal Hunters
Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay 

The hydroponic or terrestrial garden is another name for an indoor garden. They can be grown in any indoor place, many people love to do gardening but due to the lack of space and weather conditions they are unable to do so. Due to this people grow plants in small containers and keep them inside the house.

In indoor gardening, you can grow fruits, herbs, and vegetables inside your house. By growing the fruits, herbs, and vegetables inside the house you can save the money that you are spending on fruits, vegetables, etc…

The benefits of growing indoor gardens are that they are chemical-free. You can eat fresh and organic fruits, herbs, and vegetables. The other benefits of indoor gardens are that they purify the air.

You should keep in mind that an indoor garden requires 8-10 hours of light and proper care should be taken for proper growth.

Tropical Garden

Tropical Garden - The Royal Hunters
Image by Bhargava Marripati from Pixabay 
A tropical garden requires a humid temperature, Tropical plants require a lot of water, this plant requires a good amount of mulch and fertilizer. Generally, the leaves of Tropical plants are very large. This type of garden is very difficult to maintain and grow.

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